-N / Hysteresis

by -N

  • Tape Limited Release

    Hysteresis by -N is a tape limited release and video piece which explores the physical implications and effects of a range of inputs on audio and video systems. The sonic and visual content work in correspondence and make use of the dynamic relation between magnets in magnetic and ferromagnetic fields.

    -N (minus N | ˈmaɪnəs en |) work as an anonymous identity pair, operating at the periphery of noise, industrial music and techno.

    Video piece:

    Sold Out


released November 25, 2016



oqko Berlin, Germany

oqko defines itself as an interdisciplinary label for music and arts.
Driven by the need to develop an identity, incubating a diversity of approaches
between the club culture and fine arts. The vision of oqko focuses on promoting both
organic and hybrid experimentation towards our time.
A common root that grounds the plurality of todays formats.
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